Milholland is partnering with its customers and Twende Solar to empower communities around the globe with “Save A Watt, Give A Watt”.

Any Milholland customer that makes a donation to Twende Solar will enjoy a matching discount on their installation (up to $250) from Milholland and receive a donation receipt from Twende Solar, a tax-exempt non profit.

Your home solar PV system can help power sustainable development worldwide. Contact Us Today to learn more.

Let's Go Solar, Together!

In January 2019, Brian Milholland joined Twende Solar and traveled to Perú for an 11-day project. Part of a team of 16 volunteers, they installed a solar and battery system to power a small community center, medical center and kitchen. Thanks to local support, Milholland also raised $4,300 for project supplies through personal contributions and proceeds from solar jobs. Although this particular project has been completed, Twende's Mission and Milholland's support for the Organization continues.

"Through my travels, I've seen first hand how solar has positively affected communities in remote locations. We want to enhance peoples lives locally and helping globally is the next natural step."

Brian Milholland,
SunPower by Milholland President
Twende Solar Board Member


Twende Solar (Twende), a Portland based nonprofit operated and supported by solar PV industry professionals, bridges the gap between renewable energy experts and underserved populations. Twende, meaning “let’s go” in Swahili, is indicative of the organization’s proactive capabilities and dedication to sustainable development worldwide.


Empower energy-deficient communities by implementing renewable energy systems worldwide.


A world with sustainable energy for all is achievable. Renewable energy is the solution for eliminating poverty, strengthening economies, protecting ecosystems, and achieving a more equitable society.

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Brian Milholland joined Twende Solar and traveled to Peru for an 11-day project in January 2019.